Aside from protecting your assets, it´s possible that you may want to license them to a company, or even obtain a license to help push your business forward. For these transactions to be safe and allow the effectiveness of payments abroad, there are certain contracts that need to be endorsed by INPI (Brazil´s IPO), Creazione can help you with these endorsements and prevent any common mistakes that can happen when managing the IPO´s systems by yourself.

Calculator | Deadline counting system

This system is destined to the use of our associates and clients.
It determines the final date of a deadline, as well as the quantity of days contained during this period.

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{{prazos.result.normal_days}} dias entre {{prazos.result.initial_date}} e {{prazos.result.end_date}}
{{prazos.result.working_days}} dias úteis entre {{prazos.result.initial_date}} e {{prazos.result.end_date}}