Copyright Law

Copyright Law

Regulated under Law nº 9.610/98 in Brazil, our Copyright Law dictates a set of rights and duties conferred to the author of intellectual works such as melodies, poems, lyrics, drawings, photographs and others. Creazione can help you with a better understanding of what is possible and what isn´t within these prerogatives.

Calculator | Deadline counting system

This system is destined to the use of our associates and clients.
It determines the final date of a deadline, as well as the quantity of days contained during this period.

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{{prazos.result.normal_days}} dias entre {{prazos.result.initial_date}} e {{prazos.result.end_date}}
{{prazos.result.working_days}} dias úteis entre {{prazos.result.initial_date}} e {{prazos.result.end_date}}