Software Registration

Software Registration

Registering software is fundamental to prove the authorship of whom created it in a worldwide fashion since this type of registration is recognized by all countries who signed the TRIPS (Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights).  This register lasts for 50 years (counting from the 1st of January of the year following its publication – or its creation). The deadline from applying for this register and its certificate being dispatched is around 10 days.

Calculator | Deadline counting system

This system is destined to the use of our associates and clients.
It determines the final date of a deadline, as well as the quantity of days contained during this period.

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{{prazos.result.normal_days}} dias entre {{prazos.result.initial_date}} e {{prazos.result.end_date}}
{{prazos.result.working_days}} dias úteis entre {{prazos.result.initial_date}} e {{prazos.result.end_date}}