Franchises are a type of business in which the commercial rights of a trademark are assigned to a third party through a contract. It´s the expansion of an established business, all under the rules stipulated by the franchiser. Some of the responsibilities of the franchised are paying royalties, publicity fees and hiring staff. Creazione can help all throughout the process of creating your own franchise.

Calculator | Deadline counting system

This system is destined to the use of our associates and clients.
It determines the final date of a deadline, as well as the quantity of days contained during this period.

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{{prazos.result.normal_days}} dias entre {{prazos.result.initial_date}} e {{prazos.result.end_date}}
{{prazos.result.working_days}} dias úteis entre {{prazos.result.initial_date}} e {{prazos.result.end_date}}